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Art through movement

Support your cinematic artistry with the Sachtler Cine Series – fluid heads designed for cinematographers. With the Sachtler Cine Series, you get the best of both worlds – cine-features and powerful support in a fluid head that’s the smallest and lightest in its class. Cine heads incorporate rapid counterbalance and frictionless fluid drag, allowing delicate cinematic moves.


Innovation born of cinematic legacy

Sachtler Cine heads have a long heritage in the moving picture industry. Cameraman and actor, Wendelin Sachtler, built his first head dampened by a gyro-system in 1958. Since then, filmmakers all around the world use Sachtler Cine heads on set every day to create must-see content, from Academy Award® winning pictures to smash-hit drama series.

Smoothness defining every frame

Controlled camera movement is the heartbeat of cinematography. Sachtler Cine heads breathe life into every frame with delicate smooth movement through the entire range, from the compact Cine 20 to the all-rounder Cine 30 and the powerhouse Cine 50. With Sachtler variable drag settings, offering precise control over your camera’s movements, and a front pan bar for intuitive control, each Cine head ensures that your vision unfolds with unmatched smoothness.

Speed and flexibility meeting every challenge

Navigate demanding cinematic shoots with unparalleled speed and flexibility. From the agile Cine 20 to the high-performance Cine 50, speed becomes your ally. The secure Sideload mechanism ensures straightforward mounting and balancing of highly accessorised cameras. With a compact design, wide payload range and SpeedBalance technology, each fluid head empowers cinematographers to adapt swiftly to the dynamic demands of any shoot.

Reliability engineered into every detail

Sachtler Cine heads are synonymous with dependability. Crafted with precision engineering and robust materials, these fluid heads are built to withstand the rigours of daily set life. Sachtler Cine fluid heads are an investment in your craft, providing a reliable working tool that stands resilient against the test of time, weather, and the challenges of diverse shooting environments.

Cine Product Range

The Sachtler Cine Heads are available as a head only or as a system.

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