The Sachtler Cine 30 is the reliable and flexible solution for daily Cine use. Its Sideload platform allows for simple and secure mounting of heavily accessorised camera setups, ensuring safety without compromising efficiency. With a payload range that spans from 3 kg to 32 kg (7 to 71 lb), the Cine 30 offers optimal versatility for diverse shooting scenarios.

SpeedBalance technology with 18 counterbalance steps ensures your camera is quickly balanced and consistently supported at any angle. The frictionless fluid drag with seven levels of drag guarantees smooth and seamless pans, and a front pan bar helps to deliver extra control.

In this system the versatile Cine 30 is combined with a single stage aluminium tripod. The Sachtler Cine 150 long heavy-duty aluminium tripod gives you consistent performance, even with high payloads. The aluminium construction and large spikes mean that it is completely stable, and you can secure the tripod firmly in place using the integrated tie down hooks. Stability is matched by simplicity; the Cine 150 tripod is quick and easy to use. Extra-long rotary brake clamps mean that height adjustment is accessible even in cold conditions while wearing gloves. The system includes the robust Cine ground spreader with foot operatable slide adjustment.

Crafted with precision engineering and robust materials, the System Cine 30 is built to withstand the rigours of Cine production. Add stability to your daily set life with this versatile fluid head system.

Technical Specifications

Bowl Size150 mm150 mm
Payload3 kg to 32 kg6.61 lb to 70.55 lb
Counterbalance18 counterbalance steps + Boost Button18 counterbalance steps + Boost Button
Drag7 + 0 drag settings7 + 0 drag settings
Weight20 kg44.09 lb
Spreader TypeGround spreaderGround spreader
Tripod Stages11
Pan Bar Count11
Sliding Range15 cm5.91 in
Tilt Range90° to -75°90° to -75°
Temperature Range-40 °C to 60 °C-40 °F to 140 °F
Interface CompatibilitySideloadSideload
Transport Length123 cm48.43 in
Level BubbleYes, illuminatedYes, illuminated
Adaptor Viewfinder ExtensionIncluded AdaptorIncluded Adaptor
Height105 cm to 195 cm41.34 in to 76.77 in


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