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Female Voice of Afghanistan

Virtual music festival highlights the resilience and strength of Afghan women through song

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Heading to new heights

Follow documentary filmmaker Andre Götzmann through the mountainous regions of Georgia, Chetschenia, and Armenia with aktiv 12T and 14T.

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Never miss the shot

See how camera operator Geoff Nelson uses the cutting-edge elements of his Sachtler aktiv14T flowtech system to improve his workflow.

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Kieran Tynan filming with the Aktiv head

Every Second Counts

Local news camera operator, Kieran Tynan deals with breaking news stories and also environmental issues for the BBC.

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The sky is the limit

Uroš Podlogar relied on on his new Sachtler aktiv8 to deliver shots against the clock.

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Moving Mountains

aktiv takes storytelling to another level

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The Edge of Extinction

Dan O’Neill journeys to the Philippines in a race against time to save a rare raptor

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Chasing Trail

Tillmann Brothers, Riding the island of the never-ending Spring for Scott Sports

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The African Survivors.

National Geographic filmmaker Chris Schmid tracks endangered lions in the Namib Desert.

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