Combining the established cine-features of larger Sachtler heads with the advantages of a more compact 100 mm fluid head, the Sachtler Cine 7+7 HD Fluid Head is a perfect solution for people working with lighter film set-ups. Designed for film and video camcorders that feature a 100 mm ball and provides two support ranges: 2-15 kg for shooting with compact-sized cameras, and 9-22 kg for shooting with medium-sized cameras.

Its sideload clamping system combines the features of a quick release plate and a sliding balance plate to make it easier to mount and dismount the camera from the tripod. Seven step horizontal and vertical drag settings, very wide load range, Speedbalance technology and a front pan bar give you a full range of seamless smooth movement.

Technical Specifications

Range Cine Cine
Payload 2 kg to 22 kg 4.4 lb to 48.5 lb
Counterbalance 16 steps + Boost Button 16 steps + Boost Button
Drag 7 + 0 drag settings 7 + 0 drag settings
Weight 4.1 kg 9 lb
Pan Bar Length 35 cm to 52 cm 13.8 in to 20.5 in
Pan Bar Type Pan bar HD Pan bar HD
Pan Bar Attachment 18/22/32 mm 18/22/32 mm
Pan Bar Count 1, telescopic 1, telescopic
Level Bubble Yes, illuminated Yes, illuminated
Battery Type CR2032 CR2032
Adaptor Viewfinder Extension Included Adaptor Included Adaptor
Bowl Size 100 mm 100 mm
Camera Plate Sideload plate M Sideload plate M
Temperature Range -40 °C to 60 °C -40 °F to 140 °F
Tilt Range +90° to -70° +90° to -70°
Sliding Range 15 cm 5.9 in

Data Sheets

In The Box

  • Cine 7+7 fluid head with one pan bar HD and one camera plate Sideload plate M