This Sachtler aktiv™ 75 mm fluid head for payloads of up to 8 kg (17.6 lbs.), with unique SpeedLevel™ technology, can be levelled in seconds giving you time to get the perfect shot in documentary, corporate or news applications. The SpeedSwap™ system delivers the fastest way to switch between tripod and slider in seconds giving you ultimate flexibility.

Product Highlights

  • Level and lock your head in an instant without missing a second of action
    Unique SpeedLevel technology.
  • Visible from any height or angle - day or night.
    Innovative PrismBubble.
  • Capture extreme low angle shots right down to the ground.
    Innovative streamlined mounting system.
  • Switch between tripod and slider in seconds.
    Revolutionary SpeedSwap system.
  • Create moving stories, whatever the weather.
    Performance tested to the extreme.

Success Stories


Peak Frames aktiv
Case Studies

Moving Mountains

Trekking high into the Swiss Alps to transport viewers into a world rarely seen calls for dedication, fitness and lightweight gear. Specialists in action-packed, outdoor, extreme sports films, Zurich-based production duo Moritz Sieber and Elias Rüetschi use their shared passion for outdoor sports to create…
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The sky is the limit
Case Studies

The sky is the limit

The sky is the limit Capturing helicopters in motion requires a camera operator with special skills and equipment that is fast, precise and reliable. Freelance photographer and videographer, Uroš Podlogar has a passion for adventure and storytelling which sees him travel around the globe, often…
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Tripod Compatibility

  • aktiv fluid heads are compatible with Sachtler tripods. To leverage the revolutionary aktiv technology the flowtech®75 tripod has been upgraded to flowtech75 aktiv.
  • aktiv6, aktiv8 and aktiv8T systems include the new flowtech75 aktiv tripod.
  • You can find a list of all compatible tripods on the compatibility section on this page.

Learn more about the upgrade process

Technical Specifications

Range aktiv aktiv
Payload 0 kg to 8 kg 0 lb to 17.6 lb
Counterbalance 15 + 0 steps 15 + 0 steps
Drag 3 + 0 drag settings 3 + 0 drag settings
Weight 2.6 kg 5.7 lb
Pan Bar Length 0 mm to 43 cm 0 in to 16.93 in
Pan Bar Type Pan bar DV 75 Pan bar DV 75
Pan Bar Attachment 16/-/28 mm 16/-/28 mm
Pan Bar Count 1 1
Level Bubble Yes, illuminated Yes, illuminated
Battery Type CR2032 CR2032
Bowl Size 75 mm 75 mm
Camera Plate Sideload plate S Sideload plate S
Temperature Range -40 °C to 60 °C -40 °F to 140 °F
Tilt Range +90° to -70° +90° to -70°
Sliding Range 12 cm 4.72 in

Data Sheets

In The Box

  • aktiv6 fluid head with one pan bar DV 75 and one camera plate Sideload plate S
  • flowtech75 metal bowl insert (to upgrade flowtech75 tripods for optimum performance with aktiv fluid heads) and Service Centres flowtech upgrade instructions.

Compatibility Overview

aktiv fluid heads are designed to work with Sachtler tripods.  We are engineering a range of accessories designed to make aktiv fluid heads compatible with  other accessories.

aktiv6, aktiv8 and aktiv8T can be combined with most Sachtler 75 mm tripods:

aktiv6 aktiv8 aktiv8T
Tripod flowtech® 75 aktiv MS
Tripod flowtech® 75 aktiv GS
Tripod flowtech® 75 - How to upgrade
Tripod 75/2 AL
Tripod 75/2 MS AL
Speedlock75 (4588)
ENG 75/2 D (4188)
DA 75L (4183)
Ace tripods