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Lightweight and Easy-to-Deploy flowtech Tripod Technology Transforms Workflows at Successful Video Production Company in Singapore

Zake Productions, a Singapore-based video production company with an impressive client roster, has chosen the award-winning flowtech carbon-fiber tripod technology from Sachtler® and Vinten®, both Vitec Group brands. Zake Productions uses a flowtech 75 tripod, equipped with a Sachtler Ace XL camera head, to capture 4K footage in all types of weather and in rugged locations around the world.

“At Zake Productions, we’re always looking for better and more innovative ways to tell a story and give our clients the highest-quality results — but we need the right tools for the job. When we heard about the flowtech tripod, we knew we had to have one in our operation,” said Zavier Ow, co-founder and producer, Zake Productions. “No other brand of tripod comes close to flowtech’s sleek, lightweight, and extremely easy-to-deploy design.”

Coming off three industry award wins at this month’s 2018 NAB Show, flowtech is an all-new tripod system that features incredibly fast-to-deploy legs, unique quick-release brakes, and easily adjustable levers for almost-instant setup in any type of remote production environment. These features mean all three legs can be deployed simultaneously and adjusted automatically to the ground’s surface, eliminating the need for operators to bend over and manually adjust multiple brakes on each leg.

To date, Zake Productions has used flowtech on a wide range of productions, including corporate shoots, commercials, and feature-length documentaries. Typical Zake projects use a two-person crew; therefore, speed and ease of setup are absolutely essential. One especially valuable flowtech feature is its ability to adjust instantly to heights as low as 26 centimeters (10 inches) and as high as 153 centimeters (60 inches) without the detachable spreader, and up to 157 centimeters (62 inches) high with the spreader.

Zavier added, “The flowtech hinge-lock mechanism, with only one easy-to-reach latch per leg, is a huge improvement over conventional tripods. You never have to move your hand away from the latch to raise or lower the tripod, and a simple lever makes attaching and detaching the feet super easy. Plus, flowtech’s extremely light weight is another huge benefit, since we move around a lot during a typical production. Instead of having to rent a tripod in a destination country, this tripod is light enough to fly with us to just about any location.”

Keefe Chan, Zake Productions co-owner, added, We came to fully appreciate flowtech recently when we were required by a partner producer to use another type of tripod. We were not happy trying to deploy the legs, which were flopping all over the place. The spreader was finicky, and the knobs were hard to adjust. We’re sure we could have deployed the flowtech in one third of the time it took to set up the other tripod.”

Keefe added, “In only two years, we’ve been able to build a world-class client list that includes IBM, HP, Facebook, LinkedIn, Warner Music, and other name brands. With tools like flowtech bringing greater ease, efficiency, and flexibility to the job, we’re able to achieve our clients’ vision in the most creative manner possible.”

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