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Newest Addition to flowtech — the World’s Fastest-Deploying Tripod Range — Is Optimised for Heavier Camera Payloads

Sachtler has introduced flowtech®100 — the newest addition to the award-winning flowtech carbon-fibre tripod range. Compatible with all major 100 mm fluid heads, flowtech100 supports a payload of up to 30 kg (66 pounds), making it the ideal tripod for heavy-duty electronic newsgathering (ENG), electronic field production (EFP), and a wide range of wildlife, commercial, and documentary productions.

Like flowtech75, flowtech100 is based on an exclusive carbon-fibre technology that includes the world’s fastest-deploying tripod legs. With unique quick-release brakes conveniently located at the top of the tripod, the flowtech100 legs can be deployed simultaneously and adjusted automatically to the ground’s surface — saving operators from having to bend over and manually adjust multiple brakes on each leg. The tripod also includes a new removable carbon-fibre mid-level spreader with four locking positions, a carry handle, and rubber feet that assure fast and stable setup in narrow spaces or on uneven terrain.

A versatile hinge-lock mechanism enables flowtech100 to be raised up to 155 cm for high shots, or to be lowered to 26 cm to accommodate extremely low, ground-level shots without the need for “baby legs.”

“A year ago, we made tripod history with the introduction of flowtech75, the world’s fastest-deploying tripod. Based on the reviews and feedback, flowtech75 has transformed the way camera operators work — it’s faster, easier, and incredibly lightweight but also rock-solid and a back-saver, just to name a few of the comments,” said Barbara Jaumann, product manager — supports, Videndum Production Solutions. “Now, with flowtech100, we’ve taken everything that’s great about flowtech75 and delivered it in a tripod geared to the professional 100 mm class of users, with the ability to support the demanding payloads of hard-working field news reporters and documentarians.”

flowtech 100 filming car

Sachtler has built significant improvements into flowtech100 that enable the tripod to perform at the higher payloads required by a typical ENG or EFP camera operator. The leg clamping mechanism has been designed to ensure that the tripod can support in excess of 30 kg, and the quick-release brakes feature internal cast parts for greater strength. All castings from the top of the legs upward are larger and stronger for secure support of higher payloads and bigger heads. In addition to each leg, the hinge-lock mechanism has undergone extensive endurance and environmental testing well beyond the rated tripod capacity to ensure that flowtech100 will support the operator’s choice of camera and lens and provide a stable platform for precision shooting, regardless of the tripod’s position or height.

The exceptional torsional stiffness of flowtech100 — one of the most rigid in the Sachtler product family — ensures that the tripod will not twist during camera-panning movements, an extremely important consideration in all motion picture productions. flowtech100 is lightweight and easy to transport, and the ergonomic design of the carbon-fibre legs enables the tripod to be carried comfortably on the camera operator’s shoulder. Magnetic locks secure the legs and keep them stable during transport.

The flowtech100 is an ideal companion for digital cinema cameras such as the ARRI ALEXA Mini, Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro, RED WEAPON, Sony FS7, and other popular ENG cameras.  It is compatible with all major 100 mm fluid heads, especially those from the Sachtler range.

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