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Tripod Speed Lock CF HD

Sachtler SpeedLock Heavy-Duty Carbon Fibre Tripod for 100 mm Fluid Heads

Even when dealing with heavier payloads, you should never have to sacrifice stability and versatility. The Sachtler SpeedLock Heavy-Duty Carbon Fibre Tripod gives you same speed and simplicity, but with the added bonus of a maximum load of 95 kg. This makes it solution optimized for intense EFP and film productions.

The dual-extractible Sachtler Speed Lock CF HD is always ready for action.. It features a patented three-step clamping system that locks the tripod legs in place in seconds and allows you to make smooth and secure adjustments even with your camera mounted. The carbon fibre design gives you stability and twist resistance, while the clamping connection forms a third tube to further help you stay balanced. This stability doesn’t come at the expense of versatility, with a maximum height of 161 cm, a weight of 4.5 kg and a transport length of 75 cm.

Metric Imperial
SpeedLock SpeedLock
0 to 95 kg 0 to 209 lb
Bowl size
100 mm 100 mm
Carbon Fibre Carbon Fibre
Transport length
750 mm 29.25 in
Tripod stages
2 2
Height With Ground Spreader
0.55 to 1.61 m 1.80 to 5.28 ft
Height With Mid Spreader
0.56 to 1.57 m 1.84 to 5.15 ft
Weight without spreader
4.50 kg 9.90 lb

  • 2-stage with quick release clamp, extended stability, 100 mm bowl, carbon fibre