flowtech® 75 aktiv GS tripod
flowtech® 75 aktiv GS tripod

Tripod flowtech® 75 aktiv GS

Sachtler flowtech® 75 aktiv Carbon Fibre Tripod with Ground Spreader and Rubber Feet

Work faster whatever the conditions with the Sachtler flowtech®75 aktiv Carbon Fibre tripod; optimised for enhanced performance and speed with the advanced Sachtler aktiv fluid head. The unique flowtech design allows you to deploy and adjust in the time it takes to release a single catch.

When speed is critical or time is of the essence, instant setting up and packing lets you focus on the things that matter. The carbon fibre design you won’t tire yourself carrying it around either.

Setting up fast is only part of the equation. The Sachtler flowtech75 aktiv gives you the versatility and stability you need to get the job done fast and efficiently. A hinge lock gives you a height range of 26 – 158 cm allowing you to shoot from any angle while high torsional stability means you pan with complete confidence that the legs won’t twist. Easy to use and built to endure the toughest environments, this tripod won’t let you down.

Metric Imperial
flowtech® flowtech®
0 to 20 kg 0 to 44 lb
Bowl size
75 mm 75 mm
Spreader type
Ground spreader Ground spreader
Carbon Fibre Carbon Fibre
Transport length
690 mm 26.91 in
Tripod stages
2 2
3.80 kg 8.36 lb
Height Range without spreader
0.26 to 1.53 m 0.85 to 5.02 ft
Height With Ground Spreader
0.41 to 1.58 m 1.34 to 5.18 ft
Weight without spreader
2.90 kg 6.38 lb

flowtech Tripod User Guide (DE)

application/pdf (3.2MB) Download

flowtech Tripod User Guide

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flowtech System Overview

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flowtech75 aktiv including ground spreader, rubber feet, carry handle and attachment mount

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flowtech® Technology wind prestigious D&AD Award for Product Design

flowtech® tripod technology racked up yet another honour at the 56th annual Design and Art Direction (D&AD) Awards. flowtech received a coveted Graphite Pencil award in the D&AD Consumer and Industrial Product Design category, sharing company with standout products such as Apple’s iPhone® X and Homepod.