System 25 Vario 2-80

Sachtler Video 25 FB on 2-stage Vario Ped 2-80

The Sachtler Video 25 FB is a lightweight, durable and reliable addition to your gear. The seven step drag system gives you confidence that your movements will be smooth without jerks and vibrations. Attaching your camera is as quick as a single click with the Touch&Go quick release and automatic locking for speedy mounting and removal. The Video 25 FB comes with 4-bolt fixing flat base.

Highly stable and yet lightweight, the Vario pedestals provide optimum support both in Studio and OB environments. The functions of the Vario Ped 2-80 are perfectly matched to the requirements of Studio and OB daily life as it is a robust, reliable and protable solution that provides soft and precise movement delivering unparraled talent tracking and able to achieve seated and standing eyeline positions even at close range. It is a 2-stage pedestal for large payloads up to 80 kg / 176 lb in Studio and OB environment. Its smooth and precise on-air movement and on shot stroke length of 77cm / 30.3 in is perfect for following talent moving from seated to standing postion 'on shot'. It has an inlet valve for any air source and a pressure gauge for clear and reliable set-up. The detachable skid allows the pedestal to be simply broken down into two sections for easy storage and transportation. The Vario Ped 2-80 has crab and steer functionality, allowing working in tight spaces and on shot direction changes. It comes with 12.5 cm / 5 inch wheels and adjustable cable guards. The skid has an easy to adjust position for narrow clearance. The steering wheel has easily accessible slots for trim weights, which can be used to quickly adjust the column pressure if the temperature changes during the shot.

Metric Imperial
Video Video
Pan bar count
2 2
8 to 35 kg 17.60 to 77 lb
Bowl size
Flat Base Flat Base
Aluminium Aluminium
50 kg 110 lb
Height Range without spreader
0.85 to 1.62 m 2.79 to 5.31 ft
Tilt range
90° to -75° 90° to -75°
Sliding range
100 mm 3.90 in
Interface Compatibility
Touch & Go Touch & Go
18 steps 18 steps
7 + 0 horizontal and vertical grades of drag 7 + 0 horizontal and vertical grades of drag

SAC Vario Ped 2-80 - One Sheet.pdf

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Vario Ped 2-80 incl. Manual Pump and Video 25 FB