Highly stable and yet lightweight, the Vario pedestals provide optimum support both in Studio and OB environments.

The Vario 1-70 is a robust, reliable and portable solution that provide soft and precise movement delivering unparraled talent tracking and able to achieve seated and standing eyeline positions even at close range. The Vario Ped 1-70 features ergonomically positioned controls, offers crab & steer functionality and can be used with payloads up to 70kg / 154lb. It has 2 stages, the upper stage is perfectly balanced for on shot shot performance. The lower stage is a balance assisted stage for easy elevation and extended height range. It has an integral manual pump and an inlet valve for use with an external source.

In addition, the Vario Ped 1-70 includes a pressure gauge for clear and reliable set-up. The detachable dolly allows the pedestal to be simply broken down into two sections for easy storage and transportation. It comes with 12.5 cm / 5 inch wheels and adjustable cable guards. It also features narrow tracking and transit widths to allow for movement in tight spaces.