This dual extendible 150 mm tripod’s lightweight doesn’t come at the expense of stability or carrying capacity. A carbon fibre construction, 22 mm (0.87”) diameter and 4.1 kg weight mean that you won’t be wasting energy or space carrying this tripod to any location. Supporting up to 95 kg without a loss of stability, the 150 EFP 2 CF’s double extension gives you an extended height of 161 cm.

This versatility is enhanced by the quick clamping system that locks the legs in position in seconds by releasing a single catch. Whatever the conditions and whatever your schedule, the 150 EFP 2 CF is always ready to go. The one-piece Carbon fibre design means this durable, twist and corrosion resistant tripod will be a trusted and reliable part of your gear for years to come. The 150 EFP 2 CF is suitable for long-term use in any environment.


Technical Specifications

Bowl Size150 mm150 mm
Height With Ground Spreader58 cm to 161 cm22.83 in to 63.39 in
Height With Mid Spreader58 cm to 154 cm22.83 in to 60.63 in
MaterialCarbon FibreCarbon Fibre
Payload0 kg to 95 kg0 lb to 209.44 lb
Transport Length76 cm29.92 in
Tripod Stages22
Weight Without Spreader4.1 kg9.04 lb

In The Box

  • 2-stage, 150 mm bowl, carbon fibre