Having versatility in the field means being able to ensure the same quality, no matter what height you are shooting at. The Sachtler DA 100 K is a one-stage aluminum ENG mini-tripod that offers a height range of 13-27 cm, making it ideal for extremely low shooting positions. It features a 100 mm bowl, tube diameter of 16 mm and is equipped with the Sachtler rotary clamping system, which ensures speed and safety in every scenario.

A load capacity of 40 kg makes it strong enough to handle the majority of today’s most widely used professional cameras. The Sachtler DA 100 K is a great addition to tripods of standard sizes, opening a range of new possibilities for those looking for the perfect shot. For enhanced stability, Sachtler also offers its very own mini-spider.

Technical Specifications

Bowl Size100 mm100 mm
Height With Ground Spreader13 cm to 27 cm5.12 in to 10.63 in
Payload0 kg to 40 kg0 lb to 88.18 lb
Transport Length22 cm8.66 in
Tripod Stages11
Weight Without Spreader1.5 kg3.31 lb

In The Box

  • 1-stage, 100 mm bowl, aluminium