The Video 18 fluid head has been helping people get amazing results all over the world for decades. It can support a payload of up to 22 kg and is a perfect fit for a wide range of projects. This operational versatility is added to by 16-steps of counterbalance and seven steps of pan and tilt drag, which allows you to work intuitively safe in the knowledge that movement will always be smooth and seamless.

ENG TV crews will love the Touch & Go function for speedy mounting and removal of the camera, robust temperature resistance, position for spare camera screws and self-illuminating levelling bubble. The Sachtler Video 18 is designed to work as fast as you do.

Sometimes perspective is the most important part of a shot, helping to better convey the underlying story. The HotPod Tripod with pneumatic column gives you a lot of height fast. At the touch of a button, its unique central locking system allows all three legs to be clamped or released at the same time. The pneumatic central column lifts cameras to a lens height of over 2m, ensuring you get the best view in the house. Changing position and packing up is made simple with the handle.

Technical Specifications

Bowl Size100 mm100 mm
Payload2 kg to 22 kg4.41 lb to 48.5 lb
Counterbalance16 counterbalance steps + Boost Button16 counterbalance steps + Boost Button
Drag7 + 0 horizontal and vertical grades of drag7 + 0 horizontal and vertical grades of drag
Weight9.9 kg21.83 lb
Spreader TypeMid-level spreaderMid-level spreader
MaterialCarbon FibreCarbon Fibre
Pan Bar Count11
Sliding Range12 cm4.72 in
Tilt Range90° to -70°90° to -70°
Temperature Range-40 °C to 60 °C-40 °F to 140 °F
Interface CompatibilityTouch & GoTouch & Go
Transport Length95 cm37.4 in
Height With Spreader74 cm to 175 cm29.13 in to 68.9 in

In The Box

Video 18 S2 fluidh head with HotPod and transport cover