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Fire & Redemption

175 people realise their dreams of becoming firefighters and thousands more touched by their actions.

When you feel the

Need for Speed

From exhilarating wildlife documentaries to adrenaline-pumping extreme sports films, flowtech matches the velocity of your imagination. Feel the rush in this behind-the-scenes adventure series where precision meets pace. Discover how flowtech empowers filmmakers to combine unmatched speed with stability and performance.
Amp up your storytelling with Sachtler – because every second counts when you chase the Need for Speed.

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The world’s fastest tripod

A versatile, lightweight tripod that is easier and faster to deploy and adjust than any other tripod.

Unique quick
release brakes

flowtech® features unique quick release brakes located at the top of the tripod to easily deploy and adjust the tripod in an instant.

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Ergonomic carbon fibre legs

Carbon fibre material makes flowtech® lightweight and easy to transport. It’s shaped to comfortably rest on your shoulder and features magnetic locks to quickly lock the legs together for transport.

Versatile hinge lock system

The hinge lock and removable spreader allows flowtech® to be deployed as low as 26 cm and as high as 157 cm. No need to bring a second set of baby legs on location.

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Built for Speed

Unique aktiv features that make fast even faster

Revolutionary SpeedSwap™ system.

aktiv™ fluid heads feature the unique SpeedSwap™ system, allowing lightning-fast camera swaps from a tripod to a slider without missing a beat.

Innovative PrismBubble™

Illuminated PrismBubble visible from any height or angle – day or night.

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Innovative streamlined mounting system

With no bowl clamp required, aktiv™ heads allow flowtech® aktiv tripods to go flat to the ground for the perfect low-angle shot.

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