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4 November, 2016

Featured Instagram User of the Week!

14 February 2017 “The picture was taken in front of the tallest waterfall in Sweden, known as Njupeskär. The rig is a RED Epic together with the Sachtler FSB 6 mounted on a Sachtler Speed Lock 75 CF Tripod. I choose Sachtler because you get reliability for heavy-duty use in a small package. I would say that the FSB 6 fluid head can carry more weight than it’s supposed to, compared to other brands. In short, you know what you get when you buy a Sachtler… something to count on. Germans are well known for their quality engineering.” – Kristoffer Lindgren, @kristofferlindgrendotcom 15 December 2016 “I really love Sachtler because, to me, it has all the components that are necessary for an ideal tripod. The quality is top notch, it’s easy to use and set up during a shoot where you have to be mobile, and its durability is a must-have in a videographer’s arsenal.” – Roderick Estimada, Videographer @roderickestimada 16 November 2016 “The picture was taken by Leng Wen when we were hiking the Great Wall of China for the documentary Road to Tokyo. We were traveling a lot for this project and the altitude and equipment weight was

12 Oktober, 2016

Three Winners. Three Photos. Three Incredible Stories.

Our Summer with Sachtler Contest has come to a close and with that came an outpouring of hundreds of amazing entries from all corners of the globe. In the end, three remarkable photos won out over the rest with some incredible stories to go along with them. 1st Place: Jeff Wright from The United States “The photo was taken by Daniel Ronnback of me skiing between locations in the Hokkaido, Japan backcountry. I was on a 5-week shoot for Nimbus Independent’s “After the Sky Falls” and Warren Miller’s “Chasing Shadows.” My setup was a FSB 8 with Speedlock legs, a RED Epic with Canon L 24-105 mm, and Tokina 11-16 mm 2.8 glass. The shooting in that zone was all very close proximity and it was all human-powered with hiking/ski-touring being the only way of getting around so I was going for the lightest and fastest possible setup which the FSB 8 and speed lock are perfect for. “When I first started actually getting paid to travel to shoot ski movies a Sachtler tripod was my first big purchase. All of the guys that I respected in my industry were using Sachtler. What has really set Sachtler apart for me

5 September, 2016

Summer with Sachtler Contest

To make your last few weeks of summer even better, we’ve teamed up with RODE Microphones and Anton/Bauer for our Summer with Sachtler Contest! Send in photos of your best on-location, summer set ups for a chance to win one or ALL of the following prizes: 2 Anton/Bauer CINE 90 Batteries (Gold or V-Mount), RODE Wireless Newsshooter Kit and Stereo VideoMic Pro, and Sachtler’s NEW FSB 10 tripod system! Click here to enter the contest!