The American Dream
in Schwabing

Even though he didn’t develop a camera he contributed much to the process of pictures becoming “movies”. In 1958, Wendelin Sachtler, cameraman, actor and inventor, developed his own tripod head, a turning point for the film industry. His so-called gyro head could not only be panned and tilted but was also dampened by a gyro-system—so now filmmakers were fi nally able to execute pans without having to fi ght against their equipment gaining momentum.

History in Pictures

  • Sachtler
    In 2012,Sachtler introduces Ace. Top performance, fast and easy handling plus reliability allguaranteed by the new Sachtler Ace tripod systems at an attractive price/performance ratio.
  • Sachtler
  • Sachtler

A glance at the daily news is enough for the attentive viewer to notice the famous Sachtler logo.

Sachtler’s brainchild

Today, one cannot know if Wendelin Sachtler was aware of the fact that he had laid the foundation for an in ternationally successful enterprise with his innovations. However, tha fact is that he believed in his product’s success and, together with a growing number of engineers, he went about developing more product in his Schwabing workshop with enthusiasm, remarkable persistence and plenty of ambition. Feedback for his first invention was very positive: everybody wanted to have the new head, Sachtler took up mass production.

An Outgoing person

What was the key to his success? Right from the start Wendelin Sachtler wanted the distinctive”S” to be a trademark, not just another logo, recognised for innovation and quality. But Wendlin Sachtler was also a step ahead of the rest, in addition to taking into account what a cameraman expected from his equipment every day – robustness, reliability and perfection – he was guided by his own experience as a cameraman and the comments he received from those who used his products. Hr maintained contacts all over the world.

An inventive mind

To this day Wendelin Sachtler`s inventive mind is the foundation on which the philosophy of the company is based – a company that now belongs to vitec Group which consolidates products, Services and solutions for the broadcast, entertainment and media industry. The company remained true to its founder`s principles. Today, as in the past, the film and television industries equate Sachtler with quality, reliability and innovation. Through constant advances in product development and coninual investments in the most modern manufacturing system, Sachtler has maintained ist foremost standing in the industry for more than five decades.