April 7, 2014

Sachtler’s Ace L is compatible with sliders and cranes

Eagerly awaited and ready at last: Based on customer feedback, our Ace L fluid head has been redeveloped to make it compatible with all types of sliders. The Ace L 75 mm tripod head can now be conveniently converted to a flat base, through the removal of a bottom screw, and mounted on a range of sliders. All Ace L heads from 2014 onwards will have this feature included. Older heads can be re-worked with a service kit available through our service department.

SAC_Ace Slider 02

“The Ace L is a popular product and is particularly well suited to use with DSLR cameras. By adding the slider capability, our customers are now receiving a more efficient product with added versatility and functionality,” says Barbara Jaumann, product manager, Sachtler. By now being compatible with sliders, the Ace L allows camera operators to easily and accurately pan during filming without having to switch between fluid heads for different settings.

Have a look behind the scenes! Read about Niclas Löffler and Paul Jax working with the new Ace L here.


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