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Ace XL One Sheet

Introducing the new Sachtler Ace XL premium tripod system. Ideally suited for digital cine style cameras like Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro, Canon C200 and C300 Mark 2, Panasonic GH5 and Sony FS7. Providing you all the strength that made Sachtler the industry standard for professional lightweight camera supports: completely jerk free camera movements, extremely lightweight, maximum stability.


Fluid head: Ace XL

Tripod: Ace 75/2 CF

Spreader: Mid-level spreader

Weight: 3.9 kg8.6 lbs

Payload: 24.48 kg17.6 lbs

Height range: 7931.1170 cm66.9 in

Head fitting: 75 mm

Transport length: 86 cm33.9 in

0407-Fluid-head-FSB-6-measurements 0407-Fluid-head-FSB-6-measurements