Plastic interlock carrying handle, compatible with the following products: 9104 (Sachtler), 9106 (Sachtler), PA1003, PC001, PC002, PC003, PC004, PC005, PC006, PC102, PC103, PC104, PC201, PC202, PC206, PCAB-1, PCAB-2, PCAB-2R, PCAB-3, PCAB-3R, PCCB-1N, PCCB-2N, PCUB-1N, PCUB-2, PCUB-3, PCUB-3R, PCUB-HD, PD221, PD443, PL2001, PL2003, PL2004, PLPR-4, PLPR-5, PT701, PT703,

Internal Length n/a n/a
Internal Width n/a n/a
Internal Height n/a n/a
External Length n/a n/a
External Width n/a n/a
External Height n/a n/a
Weight n/a n/a