FSB 10

The popular FSB series is expanding with the introduction of a new, entry-level 100mm fluid head that offers increased payload (up to 12kg), smooth as silk movement and affordable entry into the professional 100mm class for shooters on the go.


Perfect for the latest ENG or pro video cameras such as the Sony FS7/FS5,
Canon C300 Mark I/II and the Blackmagic URSA Mini.

4-12 Kg Payload

Can handle up to 12kg, or 26.5 pounds, payload capacity which allows users to employ a wide range of configurations and gear set-ups.

100 mm bowl

The 100 mm bowl supports larger medium sized professional camcorders. The larger base also enables a wider set-up of tripod legs to provide even more stability. With integrated flat base.

Fast set-up

Choose from your choice of Sideload or Touch & Go plate to get your camera mounted and ready to shoot. The FSB 10 is also compatible with our innovative optional SpeedLevel clamp which allows fast leveling.


Unlike our competitors, the Sachtler FSB series is built to last.

Robust and reliable

The FSB 10 expands on the tradition of the popular FSB series. Sachtler’s FSB line of fluid heads have a reputation for being resilient and long-lasting. Director of Photography Alessandro Beltrame used his FSB 6 system for The Antarctica Project in the South Pole, where temperatures often dipped below -40 degrees Celsius.

“Transport over icy, snowy, and rocky terrain is very difficult; that's why the equipment has to be extremely robust yet very lightweight at the same time. The less weight, the better,” said Beltrame when explaining the challenges of filming at the South Pole. “On top of that, the quality of pan and tilt movements is a basic requirement. It doesn't matter how well you prepare; you never know how much leeway you'll actually have in those extreme conditions. That's exactly why you need the best possible camera support.”

The FSB 10 expands on this tradition. It is everything camera operators have come to expect from the Sachtler brand including rugged durability, a camera support that will last over a decade and buttery smooth panning and tilting movements for consistently high-quality content.

You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

It depends on your working style, run and gun news shooters love the Touch & Go option. If you need a long sliding range for your camera setup, then the Sideload mechanism is the right choice. If you aren’t familiar with either system, we recommend you visit a dealer where you can test both systems.
Yes. You can unscrew the the tie down screw at the bottom of the head and mount it on a slider which provides a 3/8 screw hole.
As the head has a payload of 4-12Kg (8.8 - 26.5 lbs), we recommend cameras in this weight ratio. This would be cameras like Sony FS7 & FS5, Canon C300 & C500, Blackmagic Ursa Mini.
The Sideload plate used on the FSB 10 is compatible with all Ace and FSB Sideload models. The Touch & Go plate is compatible with all FSB Touch & Go models and DV 10.

Key Features

Payload Range

Wide payload range from 4 - 12 kg.

5 Drag Steps

Very smooth, jerk-free drag feeling when selecting the same drag setting for both vertical (tilting) and horizontal (panning) values.

100mm Bowl

Supports larger medium sized professional camcorders, larger base enables a wider set-up of tripod legs to provide even more stability.

Camera Connections

Choose from the convenient Sideload plate or fast Touch & Go plate.

10 Counterbalance Steps

Speedbalance counterbalance mechanism features fast and precise set up.

Temperature Range

Works reliably over a wide temperature range from -40° up to +60°C (-40° up to +140° F).

2 Camera Fitting Platforms

The head comes in two versions with different camera platforms - convenient sideload plates with long sliding range for front/back adjustment of the camera or Touch & Go plates to enable a faster setup.

See the FSB 10 in action

Sachtler FSB 10 introduction from Vitec Videocom on Vimeo.

What our Customers say


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System FSB 10


  • SKU FSB 10: 1041 | SKU FSB 10 T: 1046
  • Weight: 6.7 kg
  • Payload: 4 - 12 kg
  • Height (Min-Max): 62 - 168 cm
  • Transport length: 89 cm
  • Included in the System:
  • FSB 10 / FSB 10 T fluid head
  • Tripod ENG 2 D
  • Ground spreader SP 100
  • Padded bag


System FSB 10


  • SKU FSB 10: 1042 | SKU FSB 10 T: 1048
  • Weight: 6.3 kg
  • Payload: 4 - 12 kg
  • Height (Min-Max): 62 - 168 cm
  • Transport length: 89 cm
  • Included in the System:
  • FSB 10 / FSB 10 T fluid head
  • Tripod ENG 2 CF
  • Ground spreader SP 100
  • Padded bag


System FSB 10


  • SKU FSB 10: 1046 | SKU FSB 10 T: 1049
  • Weight: 6.8 kg
  • Payload: 4 - 12 kg
  • Height (Min-Max): 66 - 168 cm
  • Transport length: 89 cm
  • Included in the System:
  • FSB 10 / FSB 10 T fluid head
  • Tripod ENG 2 CF
  • Mid-level spreader + rubber feet 100/150
  • Padded bag