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Explore our range of video support tutorials on how to use a range of Sachtler products – including set-up guides, general maintenance overviews and tips & tricks on how to make the most out of your equipment.



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Promotional | Ace MK II

Ace MK II – Are You Ready?

Discover how Zac Hancock from Full Send Studios challenged five creators around the world to capture their best shot with Ace MK II. With Ace, precision meets dedication. Achieve finesse…

Case Studies | aktiv, flowtech

Need for Speed | Fire & Redemption

Go behind the fires as we take you into the action with The Forestry and Fire Recruitment Programs (FRP) crew. Blue Chalk Media Producer Kenzie Bruce & Director of Photography…

Tutorials | aktiv

How to install your Sachtler aktiv head for the first time

Tutorials | flowtech

How to exchange the foot piece on your flowtech tripod

Tutorials | flowtech

How to adjust your flowtech tripod brakes

Tutorials | flowtech

How to check your flowtech tripod brake forces

Tutorials | flowtech

How to replace brake components on your flowtech tripod

Tips & Tricks | fluid heads

Touch & Go VS Sideload

Learn about the difference between sideload and touch and go on Sachtler systems.

Tutorials | fluid heads

How to counterbalance your fluid head

Setting up your camera correctly on your fluid head is the foundation for any great piece of content. One of the key steps of the setup process includes ensuring your…

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