1_Fluid head Video 90 FB
1_Fluid head Video 90 FB

Video 90 FB

Sachtler Video 90 FB Fluid Head with V-Plate and Pan Bars

For professional studio and outside broadcasting work, having lightweight, stable gear that you can rely on is a must. The Sachtler Video 90 FB boasts supports a payload of 115kg and its ergonomic, durable and squeeze-proof design provides safe and secure operation in any position. The QuickFix Mount allows you to mount flat base heads quickly and securely with a single screw.

These well-known Sachtler features include 24-step dynamic counterbalancing, which compensates for torque as the camera tilts; frictionless leak proof fluid damping with seven levels of drag and vertical and horizontal brakes for completely smooth movement; and a sliding balance plate with a connection thread for teleprompter mount.

Metric Imperial
Studio Studio
0 to 115 kg 0 to 253.00 lb
24 steps 24 steps
7 + 0 drag settings 7 + 0 drag settings
16 kg 35.20 lb
Pan bar length
400 mm 15.60 in
Pan bar type
Pan bar front sections Pan bar front sections
Pan bar attachment
28.5/-/- mm 28.5/-/- mm
Pan bar count
2 2
Level bubble
Yes Yes
Adaptor viewfinder extension
Included Adaptor Included Adaptor
Bowl size
Flat base Flat base
Camera plate
V-plate V-plate
Temperature range
-40 to 60 °C -40 to 140 °F
Tilt range
+60° to -45° +60° to -45°
Sliding range
180 mm 7.02 in
Interface Compatibility
V-plate V-plate

1_90 FB Manual

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  • Video 90 FB fluid head with two pan bar front sections and camera plate V-plate