1_Fluid head Video 75 Plus
1_Fluid head Video 75 Plus

Video 75 Plus Studio

Sachtler Video 75 Plus Studio Fluid Head with V-Plate and Pan Bars

Capable of delivering high performance while supporting 85 kg, Sachtler Video 75 Plus Studio Fluid Head is a versatile and durable addition to your gear. The 24-step counterbalance system and sliding plate works in any environment to secure your camera in place and provide perfect balance at all angles. The modular design makes it simple to customise your gear to get the performance you need.

The Video 75 Plus EFP also boasts many of Sachtler’s innovative features, including Touch & Go quick release and automatic locking for speedy mounting and removal and frictionless leak proof fluid damping with nine levels of drag for smooth movement. If speed is critical, you can disengage the drag without affecting the counterbalance, and since the system contains no hydraulic oil you never have to worry about leaks.

Metric Imperial
Studio Studio
12 to 85 kg 26.40 to 187 lb
24 steps + Boost Button 24 steps + Boost Button
9 + 0 drag settings 9 + 0 drag settings
14.60 kg 32.12 lb
Pan bar length
400 mm 15.60 in
Pan bar type
Pan bar front sections Pan bar front sections
Pan bar attachment
28.5/-/- mm 28.5/-/- mm
Pan bar count
2 2
Level bubble
Yes, illuminated Yes, illuminated
Battery type
3 x 625U or LR9 3 x 625U or LR9
Adaptor viewfinder extension
Optional Adaptor Optional Adaptor
Bowl size
Flat base Flat base
Camera plate
V-plate V-plate
Temperature range
-40 to 60 °C -40 to 140 °F
Tilt range
+80° to -60° +80° to -60°
Sliding range
145 mm 5.66 in
Interface Compatibility
V-plate V-plate

1_75 Plus Studio Manual

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  • Video 75 Plus Studio fluid head with two pan bar front sections and V-plate