1_Fluid head Video 20 S15
1_Fluid head Video 20 S15

Video 20 S1

Sachtler Video 20 S1 Fluid Head with Touch & Go Camera Plate and Pan Bar

Working in the field calls for gear that is durable enough to go where you need it to, and versatile enough to do what you need it to. The Sachtler Video 20 S1 introduces an even wider payload range and an innovative, Speedbalance system for fast weight compensation. The wider range enables lightweight DSLR cameras to be used but it can also handle heavier ENG and EFP camcorders; switching between these payloads is made easy with the intuitive Boost Button.

EFP and ENG TV crews will love the excellent seven level drag properties, the Touch & Go function for speedy mounting and removal, robust temperature resistance, parking positions for spare camera screws and the self-illuminating bubble level. The Sachtler Video 20 S1 is designed to work as fast as you do.

Metric Imperial
Video Video
2 to 28 kg 4.40 to 61.60 lb
16 steps + Boost Button 16 steps + Boost Button
7 + 0 drag settings 7 + 0 drag settings
4.10 kg 9.02 lb
Pan bar length
350 to 520 mm 13.65 to 20.28 in
Pan bar type
Pan bar Plus (Right) Pan bar Plus (Right)
Pan bar attachment
18/22/32 mm 18/22/32 mm
Pan bar count
1, telescopic 1, telescopic
Level bubble
Yes, illuminated Yes, illuminated
Battery type
CR2032 CR2032
Adaptor viewfinder extension
Optional Adaptor Optional Adaptor
Bowl size
100 mm 100 mm
Camera plate
Touch & Go plate 16 Touch & Go plate 16
Temperature range
-40 to 60 °C -40 to 140 °F
Tilt range
+90° to -70° +90° to -70°
Sliding range
120 mm 4.68 in
Interface Compatibility
Touch & Go Touch & Go

1_20 S1 Manual

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