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Tripod ENG 2 CF heavy duty

Sachtler ENG 2 CF  Heavy-Duty Carbon Fibre Tripod for 100 mm Fluid Heads

Being able to support heavier payloads doesn’t mean that you have to give up on speed, simplicity and reliability. The Sachtler ENG 2 CF Heavy-Duty Carbon Fibre Tripod handles up to 95 kg while providing the lightweight, durable design that helps crews all over the world create amazing results in a range of environments. The carbon fibre design is stable and twist resistant, while the quick clamping system makes its simple to setup and start working safely.

The Sachtler ENG 2 CF Heavy-Duty Carbon Fibre Tripod’s dual extension provides a maximum height of 161 cm, along with a transport length of 75 cm and weight of 4 kg. Making everything easier is a built-in transport safety cord that prevents the legs from opening while you are moving the tripod. Operate with confidence in all environments with this robust and reliable tripod.

Metric Imperial
0 to 95 kg 0 to 209 lb
Bowl size
100 mm 100 mm
Carbon Fibre Carbon Fibre
Transport length
750 mm 29.25 in
Tripod stages
2 2
Height With Ground Spreader
0.55 to 1.61 m 1.80 to 5.28 ft
Height With Mid Spreader
0.56 to 1.57 m 1.84 to 5.15 ft
Weight without spreader
4 kg 8.80 lb

  • 2-stage, extended stability, 100 mm bowl, carbon fibre