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Tripod Cine 150 long

Sachtler Cine 150 L Heavy-Duty aluminium Tripod for 150 mm Fluid Heads

If you are using expensive cameras, or working on an ambitious film or HD project with a busy schedule, you need a tripod that can keep up. The Sachtler Cine 150 Long gives you reliable high performance, even with payloads of 140 kg. The aluminum construction and large spikes mean that you can always be sure you are completely stable, while you can secure the tripod firmly in place when using heavier payloads.

This stability is matched by simplicity, so that the Sachtler Cine 150 Long is always quick and easy to use. The extra-long rotary stage clamps mean that height adjustments isn’t any more difficult in cold conditions or while wearing gloves. The ergonomic design means that you don’t have to spend your time clumsily fiddling, and can dedicate more time to being creative.

Metric Imperial
Cine Cine
0 to 140 kg 0 to 308 lb
Bowl size
150 mm 150 mm
Aluminium Aluminium
Transport length
1.03 m 3.38 ft
Tripod stages
1 1
Height With Ground Spreader
0.85 to 1.76 m 2.79 to 5.77 ft
Height With Mid Spreader
0.93 to 1.76 m 3.05 to 5.77 ft
Weight without spreader
10.70 kg 23.54 lb

  • 1-stage, 150 mm bowl, aluminium, heavy duty