1_3 SOOM TriPod
1_3 SOOM TriPod


Sachtler SOOM aluminium Tripod for 75 mm Fluid Heads

When you don’t know what challenges you may face, you need lightweight, versatile and multifunctional equipment to come along for the ride. The easily extractible, two-stage aluminum SOOM TriPod is the foundation of the Sachtler SOOM XL system, giving you a maximum lens height of 2.5 m and fitting fluid heads from the FSB series.

The tripod can be further upgraded by extra SOOM accessories, to optimize it for shoots in any location. The SOOM Trispread, and SOOM Tube center column work exceptionally together, but can also provide you with additional value and options on their own. The optional SOOM Tube center column can be removed with the head attached and act as a monopod, giving you  all the versatility you need to get the best results.

Metric Imperial
0 to 20 kg 0 to 44 lb
Bowl size
75 mm 75 mm
Aluminium Aluminium
Transport length
825 mm 32.18 in
Tripod stages
1 1
Height With Mid Spreader
0.69 to 1.41 m 2.25 to 4.62 ft
Weight without spreader
3 kg 6.60 lb

Soom Tripod User Manual.pdf

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Soom Tripod User Manual (DE).pdf

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  • 1-stage, aluminium