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Pedestal C I

Sachtler Pedestal C I with Dolly DV 75, Flat Base Mount and Manual Pump

The pedestal C I combines a pneumatic column with a tripod. With a load capacity of 20 kg and a weight of only 9.2 kg, it is the ideal compact solution for flexible use in the studio or outside filming: a large height range, silent dolly movement, fast assembly and disassembly and easy to transport.

Flat base mount; features one manually adjusted tripod stage & one 39 cm (15.4 in) lift air column; compatible fluid heads: FSB series; DV 10, DV 12, Video 15 with adapter 1030; Video 18 S1/SB/Plus with adapter 3941

Metric Imperial
Studio Studio
20 kg 44 lb
On shot stroke
390 mm 15.21 in
0.68 to 1.57 m 2.23 to 5.15 ft
Dolly,Castor wheels,track locks Dolly,Castor wheels,track locks
Head fitting
Flat base Flat base
930 mm 36.27 in
9.20 kg 20.24 lb

  • Allen key size4
  • Dolly DV 75
  • Pedestal column C I
  • Manual Pump