1_Hand Crank Column OB 2000
3_Hand Crank Column OB 2000
1_Hand Crank Column OB 2000
3_Hand Crank Column OB 2000

Hand Crank Column OB 2000

Sachtler Crank Column for OB 2000 aluminium Tripod

Safely and accurately adjusting the height of complex camera configurations has always been difficult, and hard for a single person to do on their own. The Sachtler Crank Column for OB 2000 makes the process smooth, safe and fast by replacing clumsy fiddling with a crank mechanism. The 36 cm lift range gives you a maximum height of 171 cm, helping you get the perspective you need quickly. A built in stabilizer in the OB 2000 holds the crank in place safely.

The metal tube is 5 cm in diameter, helping to increase the stability of the hand crank column. Adding even more stability to the mix are reinforced load-bearing parts and a brace that anchors the tripod to the pedestal tower, which is built into the column guide tube itself. Designed to help you make adjustments quickly and safely the hand crank is compatible with the majority of popular flat base heads.

Metric Imperial
0 to 130 kg 0 to 286 lb
Bowl size
Flat Base Flat Base
Aluminium Aluminium
Transport length
530 mm 20.67 in
Tripod stages
1 1
6 kg 13.20 lb

  • Mount: flat base (FB); 130 kg (287 lbs) payload lift range 36 cm (14.2 in)