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Tripod DA 100 L

Sachtler DA 100 L aluminium Tripod for 100 mm Fluid Heads

When you are looking to create quality, you need a proven piece of equipment to give you reliable results every time. The Sachtler DA 100 L is a one-stage tripod equipped with the Sachtler rotary clamping system, which delivers the versatility and agility that professionals need in the field. The torque provided by the rotary clamps locks the legs when using heavier rigs of up to 35 kg.

The height range for the version with the mid-level spreader is 70-142 cm and with the ground level spreader is 65-142 cm. Dual-spiked feet can be used with separately supplied flat rubber feet while a hook fixed to the tripod can be used to support additional weights for optimal stability. The durable, lightweight aluminum construction means that the Sachtler DA 100 L will be part of your gear for years.

Metric Imperial
0 to 35 kg 0 to 77 lb
Bowl size
100 mm 100 mm
Aluminium Aluminium
Transport length
820 mm 31.98 in
Tripod stages
1 1
Height With Ground Spreader
0.65 to 1.42 m 2.13 to 4.66 ft
Height With Mid Spreader
0.70 to 1.42 m 2.30 to 4.66 ft
Weight without spreader
2.90 kg 6.38 lb

  • 1-stage, 100 mm bowl, aluminium