Professional performance means maximum stability and jerk-free camera movement, even when supporting heavier digital cine-style cameras and rigs. The Sachtler Ace XL Fluid Head supports up to 8 kg @ 55 mm cog and the eight counterbalance steps mean that camera balancing is always quick and simple. The lightweight design means that it won’t weigh you down, while the high degree of stability means that it won’t let you down either.

A range of features make the Sachtler Ace XL Fluid Head a versatile part of your kit. The 75 mm ball-based head has an integrated flat bottom designed to accommodate a wide range of configured rigs. The integrated flat head base means that the Ace XL can be modified for shooting with a slider. Once you have set up, the three steps of pan and drag plus zero allow for effortless smooth movement. Durable, lightweight and designed with the user in mind, this fluid head will remain a part of your kit for years.

Technical Specifications

Range Ace Ace
Payload 2 kg to 8 kg 4.4 lb to 17.6 lb
Counterbalance 8 steps 8 steps
Drag 3 + 0 drag settings 3 + 0 drag settings
Weight 1.7 kg 3.7 lb
Pan Bar Length 37.4 cm 14.7 in
Pan Bar Type Pan bar Ace Pan bar Ace
Pan Bar Attachment 16/-/26 mm 16/-/26 mm
Pan Bar Count 1 1
Level Bubble Yes, illuminated Yes, illuminated
Battery Type CR1225 CR1225
Bowl Size 75 mm 75 mm
Camera Plate Ace Plate Ace Plate
Temperature Range -30 °C to 60 °C -22 °F to 140 °F
Tilt Range +90° to -75° +90° to -75°
Sliding Range 10.4 cm 4.1 in

Data Sheets

In The Box

  • Ace XL fluid head with one pan bar Ace and one camera plate Ace