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aktiv Installation

Fitting Bowl Connector For The 1st Time

The bowl connector has to be fitted and adjusted before the aktiv fluid head can be used. Once set, it is left on the tripod and remains ready without further adjustments. Please follow the instruction for 1st time installation in the manual or the video.

Insert the Bowl Connector

Step 1

Insert the Bowl Connector through the underside of the tripod bowl.

slide the Retaining Clip under 3 of the 4 positioning lugs

Step 2

Holding the Bowl Connector in place with one hand, slide the Retaining Clip under 3 of the 4 positioning lugs on the Bowl Connector and snap into place.

Retaining Clip indents

Step 3

Check that 3 lugs are correctly located in the Retaining Clip indents.

SpeedLevel Lever

Step 4

Lift the SpeedLevel Lever all the way to the top and lower the head onto the Bowl Connector and lower the SpeedLevel Lever.

Lift the SpeedLevel Lever on the head

Step 5

Lift the SpeedLevel Lever on the head and hold with “S triangle” aligned to the mark on the body.

tighten the bowl connector

Step 6

Finger tighten the bowl connector by pushing up the outer diameter of the knob and turn clockwise to remove all clearance.

SpeedLevel Lever is released

Step 7

The tension is correct when the SpeedLevel Lever is released and falls between approximately 60° and 45° (30 mm to 50 mm (1” – 2”)) from the body of the head as shown in the diagram below. If the lever falls back against the body the Bowl Connector is too loose, repeat steps 5 and 6.

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