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  • Cover ENG 2

    Sachtler Cover for fluid heads FSB 10, DV 10, DV 12, Video 15/18/20 on tripods ENG 2, Speed Lock CF; Sachtler Cover for FSB, DV fluid heads and Video 15, Video 18 on pedestal C I (w/o dolly)
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  • Dolly Cine

    Sachtler Dolly for tripods Cine long and medium
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  • Dolly DV 100

    Sachtler Dolly for systems FSB 10 Mk II, FSB 14T Mk II, DV 10, DV 12 and Video 15 and SOOM systems with 100 mm tripods except flowtech and HotPod
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  • Dolly DV 75

    Sachtler Dolly for tripods 75 mm (except flowtech®, SOOM, system Ace M MS, system Ace L TT 75/2 CF and system Ace XL TT 75/2 CF)
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  • Dolly flowtech® Standard

    Dolly flowtech® Standard

    Sachtler Dolly for tripods flowtech®
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  • Dolly flowtech® Studio

    Dolly flowtech® Studio

    Sachtler Dolly for tripods flowtech®
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  • Dolly S

    Sachtler Dolly with 100 mm (4.0 in) wheels, cable guards and tracking locks; Sachtler Dolly for tripods 100/150 mm (except flowtech®, Hot Pod, DA 100 K, DA 150 K, Cine 150 ) and SOOM
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  • Dolly XL

    Sachtler Dolly with 125 mm (4.9 in) wheel diameter, cable guards, tracking locks and eccentric locking Sachtler Dolly for tripod OB 2000;
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  • ENG adapter plate

    Sachtler Camera Plate for ENG cameras on fluid heads Video 60 Plus Studio, Video 75 Plus Studio and Video 90
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  • FB Converter

    Sachtler Flat Base Adapter for fluid heads Video 18/20 S2/S1/SB/Plus on Pedestals and OB tripods (except Pedestal C I)
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  • flowtech® attachment mount

    Sachtler Attachment Mount for flowtech® tripod
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  • Placeholder

    flowtech75 metal bowl insert

    Aluminium insert ring for flowtech75 tripods used with aktiv fluid heads.
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