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Luke Thomas

As a freelance news and documentary cameraman, Australian-native Luke Thomas finds himself at a new location every week trying to move as fast as possible to meet deadlines and live commitments.


Having recently shot a travel show with motoring enthusiasts all around California, Thomas constantly had to leave ahead of the pack, find a shot, and set-up so he was ready to roll as quickly as possible. To help him with those important, fleeting shots, Thomas was given the opportunity to test out Sachtler and Vinten’s groundbreaking flowtech® tripod that’s engineered with a completely new tripod technology. After familiarising himself with the new design that puts the release brakes at the top of the tripod instead of the bottom, Thomas could deploy all three legs at once, adjust the height, and set-up his shot within six seconds.


Often, I would only have a matter of minutes to grab my camera and stick the frame up before the convoy of cars rolled into frame. On jobs like that, a fast tripod is everything because as soon as you start wrestling with your tripod the shot has happened and you missed the moment."

Luke Thomas


With so many moving parts on any given shoot it’s important to travel light and fast, so my gear has to be the last thing that should be slowing me down."

Luke Thomas