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Picture this: the saltiest body of water on Earth, the Dead Sea, shimmers under the blazing sun, its mystical waters beckoning adventurers from all corners of the globe. But wait, what’s that on the shore? It’s not a sunbathing tourist or a curious explorer; it’s a tripod – a Sachtler flowtech tripod! If you think tripods are only meant for stable ground, think again. At the IBC show in Amsterdam, the team squared up to Sachtler, threw down the gauntlet, and issued a bold challenge.

The Challenge.

The team couldn’t help but be intrigued by Sachtler’s claims of flowtech ruggedness, reliability, and robustness. It was the perfect setup for an epic showdown. They didn’t just shake hands and exchange business cards; no, they issued a challenge that would put the Sachtler flowtech tripod to the ultimate endurance test: the Dead Sea.

Adam Frimmer, issued the challenge:

Let us take a flowtech to the Dead Sea, the saltiest body of water on Earth, to put the tripod to the ultimate endurance test.


Game on.

Of course, the Sachtler team couldn’t back down from a challenge like this. So, they accepted with confidence and determination. What followed was a journey that would test the limits of technology, engineering, and salt… a lot of salt.

The Showdown.

What happened next? Did the flowtech rise to the occasion, or did it succumb to the harsh environment of the Dead Sea? To witness the epic showdown and discover the fate of the flowtech tripod, watch the video below:

Read the full review at here:

NOTE: Although many tests have shown that flowtech will withstand the harshest environments. Remember to always rinse thoroughly after contact with salt, mud or other substances to prolong the life of your tripod.

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