Oktober 12, 2016

Three Winners. Three Photos. Three Incredible Stories.

Our Summer with Sachtler Contest has come to a close and with that came an outpouring of hundreds of amazing entries from all corners of the globe. In the end, three remarkable photos won out over the rest with some incredible stories to go along with them.

1st Place: Jeff Wright from The United States

“The photo was taken by Daniel Ronnback of me skiing between locations in the Hokkaido, Japan backcountry. I was on a 5-week shoot for Nimbus Independent’s “After the Sky Falls” and Warren Miller’s “Chasing Shadows.” My setup was a FSB 8 with Speedlock legs, a RED Epic with Canon L 24-105 mm, and Tokina 11-16 mm 2.8 glass. The shooting in that zone was all very close proximity and it was all human-powered with hiking/ski-touring being the only way of getting around so I was going for the lightest and fastest possible setup which the FSB 8 and speed lock are perfect for.

“When I first started actually getting paid to travel to shoot ski movies a Sachtler tripod was my first big purchase. All of the guys that I respected in my industry were using Sachtler. What has really set Sachtler apart for me is that that a Sachtler setup can still get smooth shots with long lenses closer to its max payload. And when you’re carrying your whole RED Epic kit up and down mountains each ounce is precious and bringing an overkill setup isn’t an option. If you need the absolute best weight to performance ratio you can’t beat a Sachtler. I can’t wait to check out the FSB 10, I think I’m going to really enjoy the ability to level faster with the 100 mm ball setup.”

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2nd Place: Derek Christian Stothers from Norway

“At that time, I was in Uganda shooting a documentary about a Norwegian organization that helps people out of poverty. Before I went down I really wanted a light, solid but reliable tripod – hard nut to crack in the world of tripods.

“But I found the Sachtler DV1 in our workshop. It hadn’t been used for many years and needed some oil. But after some restoration, it was as good as new. The short legs made it easy to put it in your regular traveling bag, not needing an additional tripod bag and more luggage. In other words, it was more affordable.”

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3rd Place: Baptiste Deturche from France

“The picture was taken from the Grand Paradiso National Park in Italia during a work placement with wildlife filmmakers. And I use Sachtler mostly for one thing: QUALITY!”

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