Moment Pictures

Moment Pictures - a production company founded by brothers Andi, Toni and Michi Tillman has an outstanding reputation for outdoor adventure films set in stunning locations around the world.

They recently test-drove the all-new flowtech®100 carbon fibre tripod for the latest episode of Scott Sports’ promotional video series “Chasing Trail”. Filmed on the remote and rugged mountain-biking trails of La Palma, Canary Islands, DP Toni was blown away by its lightweight, fast and easy set-up, stability for heavier payloads, and versatility for unusual camera angles, all of which were critical requirements for this shoot.


Trying to get a level shot while standing on the side of a steep mountain face is a good example, the legs of the tripod adjacent to the mountain must be retracted and angled almost horizontally, while the downhill leg needs to be fully extended.

“We’re able to achieve this type of configuration because we can remove the mid-level spreader, which also allows us to go super-low for ground-level shots,” Toni explains. “Even with these types of shots and a heavier payload, flowtech®100 provides perfect torsional stability for precise long-lens pans – and I don’t have to bring along a high hat or a bean bag.”

Toni concludes, “flowtech®100 is a game changer. We really appreciate the initiative that has been taken to push the evolution of this classical part of equipment. I was really stoked to try the flowtech®100 in La Palma and can’t wait to bring it along on one of our next adventures.”


This tripod is a no brainer for any kind of shoot. Whether we set it up in a lake or on the side of a sand dune, it can handle any type of terrain, a little rinse will easily remove any dirt or sand from the carbon fibre components. But its flexibility for any kind of camera angle is what really sets the flowtech®100 apart from the competition."