Ace Matte Box

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For minimising lens flare, the Ace Matte Box is your go-to product. It provides space for up to two 4 x 4 or 4 x 5.65 in filters. The front filter stage is fixed, while the rear filter stage can be rotated up to 90 degress left or right. The Ace Matte Box contains two different sized neoprene rings, you can easily cut to fit your lens collection. Additionally it comes with an adjustable rod bridge so that it can be adapted to different lens heights. Two accessory bars allow a variety of products to be attached to the sunshade up to a payload of 2.2 lbs.



Weight: 0,9 kg2 lbs

Diameter Lens: 143 mm5.5 in

Diameter Rods: 15 mm0.6 in

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