Where ancient meets the new – Sachtler Ace Accessories help Danna Kinsky capture snow in Jerusalem


When Cinematographer Danna Kinsky returned home to Israel to shoot stock footage, the Middle East was hit by the largest snowstorm in over 100 years. Seizing the opportunity, Kinsky grabbed her Vitec Videocom gear and and headed out to quickly shoot Jerusalem as a winter wonderland before the snow melted away!

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“The Ace System enabled me to shoot unobtrusively, while the women were engrossed in their prayers.“

Danna Kinsky

About Equipment

Canon 5D Mark III

85 mm Zeiss CP.2 lens

Litepanels Micro LED

Petrol Digibag DSLR Backpack



Ace Accessories Set
Ace Base Plate
Ace Follow Focus
Ace Matte Box

For a shoot at the sacred Wailing Wall, Kinsky prepped a light camera package, which included the Ace L tripod with carbon fiber legs, the Canon 5D and an 85mm Zeiss CP.2 lens, along with the new Ace Accessories. “I was impressed with how the feet didn’t slip on the ice, which gave me the confidence that I would be able to pan properly with the fluid head,” notes Kinsky.

At the colourful and vibrant marketplace

“The Ace System enabled me to shoot unobtrusively, while the women were engrossed in their prayers.“ Next, Kinsky headed indoors to a middle eastern restaurant, where she took out the Ace accessorized camera rig. “The follow focus was nice and smooth,” says Kinsky. “It has a useful feature where you can set A and B focus points ahead of time, then rack as you pan or tilt. This is a great feature weather you have a focus puller with you or not. Using the Litepanels Micro LED, I was able to light the food and make the colors pop.”

After lunch, Kinsky walked through the beautiful and ancient narrow corridors of Jerusalem and arrived at a bustling, colorful marketplace. “I had on the Petrol Digibag DSLR Backpack, which is so compact and comfortable on my back,” notes Kinsky. “It has plenty of room and its space was intelligently divided, so I even had room for a jacket.”

In the local glass and ceramic shop, Kinsky changed filters for different effects and took advantage of the Ace Matte Box to help to minimize flare from the naked bulbs that lit the vibrant environment. “The Ace system was light and easy to carry, quick to set up and to breakdown,” she recalls.

Continuing through the market, Kinsky asked an Armenian stall owner to shoot his booth, and used this area to test the Ace L and accessories. “The height adjustable Base Plate was a great platform for me to attach the Matte Box and Follow Focus to my tripod using 15mm rods,” recalls Kinsky. “Ace Follow Focus enables camera operators to manipulate the focus point of the lens without having to touch the barrel directly, bringing added accuracy and efficiency to the shoot. It was very user-friendly system, and particularly useful for me in this on-the-fly shooting environment.”

Above Jerusalems rooftops

“My camera package only weighed 6 lbs but the Ace can easily hold over double that weight, while maintaining its 7-step counter balance system and SAdragTM system. I really appreciated that for the precision it gave me as I panned over the Dome of the Rock and the Wailing Wall with the smooth fluid head.” Kinsky explains.

Kinsky remembers capturing the sunset as a beautiful ending to an amazing day. “The Sachtler Ace L system, with convenient mid-level spreader, and the illuminated level indicator allowed me to easily balance on stairs to get this breathtaking footage of the moon rising over the Old City of Jerusalem.capture snow in Jerusalem.“