The Rainforest are under Threat

Cinematographer and film director

Peru, July 15, 2015 – The Peruvian Amazon rainforests are home to a myriad of species of birds, animals and plants not found anywhere else in the world. However, the rainforest has fallen victim to deforestation, gold miners, timber forest, and poaching, which cause caused a widespread depletion of the varied ecosystems. Celebrated cinematographer and film director Jérôme Dolbert embarked on a journey to illuminate the threat of excessive deforestation to the rainforests of Peru and the impact it has had on wildlife.

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“I have been using this tripod for three weeks straight in the rainforest, and I simply love it. Balancing the camera was quite easy and the drag
settings were very useful.”

Jérôme Dolbert

For his documentary, Jérôme wanted to accentuate how this activity is negatively affecting the many facets of the natural environment. For this, he shot his documentary in two parts: the first segment focused on endangered wildlife while the second highlighted the extreme deforestation in Peru. One of Jérôme’s first stops was within the Ecological Reserve of Taricaya where scientists dedicate themselves to caring for animals that have been made sick or injured due to human interference.

With the Sachtler Telescopic Tripod TT 75/2 CF and the FSB 8 Fluid Head, Jérôme quickly set up his rig to capture footage of these vulnerable animals. He commented on his experience with the Telescopic Tripod TT 75/2 CF, “I have been using this tripod for three weeks straight in the rainforest, and I simply love it. Balancing the camera was quite easy and the drag settings were very useful.” The proficiency of the FSB 8 Fluid Head in such a rugged environment also demonstrated dependability, “The fluid head is exceptional and the quality is superior in craftsmanship and engineering. Moreover, the environment was very tough and hostile, with an average temperature of 37°C (95°F), with rain and humidity at 80% so it was really important to use reliable equipment.”

To highlight the severity of this crisis, Jérôme traveled into illegal, perilous areas where the mafia – often protected by corrupted local authorities – extracts timber and gold without any respect for the forest and local wildlife. Despite Jérôme’s limited budget and the threat to his safety, he refused to compromise on the quality of his images. Since he was working and moving around on hazardous terrain, the Anton/Bauer’s DIONIC-HC Lithium-Ion battery paired great with the convenience and mobility of his RED Epic. He noted its adeptness in the field, “They are lighter and high quality with excellent construction, great functionality and a solid connection. This battery gave me the ability to shoot for 3 hours, was durable an worked great for my needs. As always, Anton/Bauer delivered on quality and performance.”

In these deforested areas, the 40,000 illegal miners were at first too fearful to talk to Jérôme for an interview. When he was finally able to conduct a few, he chose to use Litepanel’s Croma LED  lights. Jérôme commented, “The Cromas were very easy to setup on light stands, provided a very adequate light source for interviews and most importantly were lightweight and well built. I used the light for medium/close-up shots. It was a great addition to my field production kit.” He was especially attracted to the fact that he could adjust the LED’s from 3300K-5600K with ease. He explained how this benefited his production, “When I was walking around shooting I could match whatever natural light is around. The Croma is the best lighting product I’ve used in my documentary work.”