On the go with the FSB 6 for a good cause

Randy Warren


From the very beginning, filmmaker Randy Warren was excited; since 2009, he has filmed the videos for the marketing campaigns and website of charitable organization Nuru International. “It is so exciting. I tell stories which can get the world to change its view of the poorest of the poor,” Warren says. The documentary filmmaker, who helped start the creative agency Advocate Creative in 2012, focuses his work on non-profit organizations and reporting on social injustices. Warren always wants to be on location and close to unfolding events, which the Sachtler FSB 6 fluid head and the ENG 75/2 D tripod help him to accomplish. The result is excellence: ten Telly Awards in the “Internet/Online Video” category have gone to Nuru International in the last two years.

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“I'm just happy to be able to make a contribution to the poor with my talents.”

Randy Warren

About Nuru International

The word "nuru" is Kiswahili for "light."

Together with students from Stanford University, US Marine Jake Harriman founded the charitable organization.

In Kenya, Nuru International helps the farmers cultivate corn and create water reservoirs that help with water shortage.

ENG 75/2 D

Somewhere in Kenya

"In recent years, the Sachtler products have won me over again and again. The quality, the craftsmanship, the consistent performance, and the great service – In these areas, Sachtler is simply the best provider far and wide," Warren describes. His shoots definitely put him and his equipment to the test. While in the harsh conditions of remote, rural Kenya, he likes to film in the sandy east African shrublands or report from among the natives in a village. "Fast counterbalancing of the camera set-up, smooth panning, and reliability are not to be taken for granted in severe circumstances – but with the FSB 6 and the ENG 75/2 D tripod, I can always give 100 percent," the filmmaker states.
Since the necessary post production equipment is not available in Kenya and therefore, editing can only be done in Warren’s studio in Chicago, Warren must always be able to depend completely on his equipment during shooting.

"Robust camera support which delivers the best results and does not leave me hanging is the most important thing for me when choosing my equipment," the cinematographer explains. "At the end of a shoot, I always come to the same conclusion: I have worked with Sachtler tripod systems for the last 15 years, and I will continue to do so for the next 15 as well."

With heart and soul

Randy Warren's objectives are to tell the colorful stories of innovative charities and call more attention to their work and accomplishments. "I'm just happy to be able to make a contribution to the poor with my talents," he says. By providing the knowledge and the tools, the members of the charitable organizations hope to motivate the needy to develop their own problem-solving solutions independently. Nuru International’s work focuses on development in a total of four areas: agriculture, healthcare, economic development and education. The purpose of these relief efforts is to bring about long-lasting and sustainable improvements. That's why native mentors are trained locally and supported by Nuru International – so that these mentors can then pass on their knowledge and, in doing so, multiply the number of people with this knowledge.

Award-winning cinematographer Randy Warren has dedicated himself to telling stories in the form of documentaries, short films, animation, and music videos. His life’s motto – reflected in his work – was inspired by nobody less than Mother Theresa: "We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love." During every video shoot for diverse charitable organizations, he displays this love for detail and relies on his best tool: the Sachtler FSB 6.