Billy May puts Ace M through its paces

Billy May


Billy May has a full schedule. Nearly every weekend, the photographer and filmmaker from Belfast shoots wedding videos with his production company, Marryokes. He is also a co-founder of the production company Speed Motions Films, which specialises in extreme sporting events, music videos, and promotional films. In this line of work, the budget is often especially limited, but the equipment must still be able to keep pace with the competition. That is why Billy May invested in the Sachtler Ace M MS tripod system. A direct comparison with his previous equipment is clearly favourable: “I will never give up my Ace M!”

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“My motto is, 'Give 100% or let it be', so I only trust the best equipment for my work.”

Billy May


“Our wedding videos tell the story of the special day from beginning to end: from the romantic 'I do' to the carefully planned details of the reception afterwards.” For a wedding video maker, the right moment is key. Each setting must be perfect in order to capture the unique atmosphere of this one day. “The Sachtler Ace M allows me to do this flawlessly. The patented SA-drag™ damping system always gives me the best possible control of the set-up and guarantees extremely smooth pans. On top of that, the tripod system is lightweight.”


Last year, Billy May travelled halfway around the world and was able to test his Ace M with his Canon EOS 5D Mark III all over the globe. “I'm on the road a lot for these assignments. I have no use for heavy, bulky equipment. The portable, compact construction of the Ace M allows me to transport the tripod system easily and set it up quickly on site,” Billy May says, adding, “I've shot weddings all over England, on the beach in Sri Lanka, on the coast of Italy, and in the cement jungle of New York – I used the Ace M everywhere, and it has proved to be extremely robust. It has never let me down.”


“My motto is, 'Give 100% or let it be', so I only trust the best equipment for my work. Sachtler's outstanding quality and the precise technology won me over completely in the testing phase – and the price was one that a start-up company could manage,” the cameraman says of his testing experience.

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