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The Edge of Extinction

Dan O’Neill journeys to the Philippines in a race against time to save a rare raptor

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The African Survivors.

National Geographic filmmaker Chris Schmid tracks endangered lions in the Namib Desert.

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Blazing a trail for conservation

Global Conservation Impact brings social causes to light.

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On the brink - Critical storytelling

Endangered animals in India captured by award-winning wildlife filmmaker Praveen Singh.

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Jody Eldred

Never missing the moment

Emmy-winning Director & Cameraman, Jody Eldred gets to grips with flowtech

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Unconventional locations, outstanding results

Billy May, Cinematographer and Creative Director – Speed Motion.

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5 must-haves for wildlife filmmaking

Tips from National Geographic wildlife filmmaker Bertie Gregory.

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Wildlife photographer Thorsten Milse with the new flowtech®100 tripod

Capturing the Lemurs of Madagascar

Capturing Stunning Images of the Lemurs of Madagascar

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